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A fitness class centred around Pilates exercises incorporating floor work, mat wrok and other pieces of equipment. The aim : to strengthen the core, improve posture and increase body awareness. Not a remedial class, Fitness Pilates is for those without injuries.
A Dynamic non-impact highly effective way to build cardio-vascular strength. Our top of the range spin bikes make it your choice whether to keep it easy or crank up the energy to burn calories fast – you control the dial!
A circuit based entire body workout involving a wide variety of exercises targeting all muscle groups and improving cardio vascular endurance.
Suitable for all. Improving body posture and shape by toning all those areas us ladies want to love. Commencing with an aerobic warm-up, followed by a leg work-out, squats, crunches and stretches to finish. You'll be amazed how much you feel it!
TOTAL TONE - Guided by the well known principals of the LBT work-out however including the arms too! A great class to tone and sculpt the whole
Using strength, power and short interval burst movements to get big results, fast!
A high intensity interval training work-out, this is not a class for the feint hearted! Driven to your ultimate max, work is maximal, rest is minimal, are you tough enough?!!
Zumba Fitness is an exhilarating, effective and easy way to follow a latin inspired calorie burning dance fitness workout. Highly addictive, it has contagious steps and is undoubtedly the world's larges and most successful dance fitness programme for people of all ages. Come join the party!
Worried about starting a fitness class? Our 50 Plus sessions are aimed towards those who wish to maximise their fitness at a slightly lower intensity. Class structure is varied in order to focus on all areas of the body including core strength, posture, tone, fitness and an overall sense of well being.

The gym is open seven days a week throughout every day from early until late. Please see our opening times on the homepage of our website.

Need a hand in the gym? One of our fitness instructors will be on hand throughout the evening to offer any one to one advice you need.

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